Positions Available: (All areNon-Paid Voluntary Positions. Graphic Team may charge reasonable Commissions if they choose but will be removed if found to be price gouging or ripping off users.)
1.) Design Team (Graphic Design and Promotion.
2.) Developement Team (Overall Developement of our Discord and group. This roll will work along side the Admin, Managers, Partnerships teams to ensure everything works as a well oiled machine)
3.) Streamer Managers (Ensuring that Streamers feel they are part of the team and get needed help)
4.) Partnership/Recruitments (Recruit new discord members and streamers)
5.) Social Team (Manage Group Social Accounts and Updates.)
6.) Moderation Team (pretty self explanatory)
7.) Partnered Streamers (**Under Developement)

Screen Name:
Social Links:
Position you would like to apply for:
Why you feel that you would fit this position and what are you bringing to the team?: Send via DM to any online Admin Team member for Review!

Also join our Discord as this is how we will be communicating and announcing our events outside of our social media.

OAG Discord